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'Katie is a wonderful dance teacher and her classes are fun and enjoyable. My daughter has gained confidence and great technique under Katie's guidence and support. Katie shows real dedication to her students, arranging extra lessons near an exam and I certainly enjoy all their performances!' Shiromi Patel, Mum of Maya.


'I like Katie's ballet lessons because they are so fun and she makes it easy to learn the ballet terms. She is also really friendly!' Maya Patel aged 9.




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'Katie is a very concientious and dedicated teacher with a great passion for dancing - she has managed to transfer that passion on to our son and bring the best out of him. We will be forever greatful to Katie and her committment to our son as he continues his training at White Lodge. She is a ''one in a million'' teacher.' Flo Foskett, Mum of Luc.


'Katie knows all the ballet steps and even when an exam is coming up she still keeps it fun! She is kind and always wants you to do your best .' Luc Foskett aged 11.

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'Iman is very happy at the ballet lessons run by Katie. She has progressed very quickly and looks forward to every lesson! Katie is very friendly and communicates well with us. I am sure Iman will miss her when she moves out of London.' Mrs Salem, Mum of Iman.


'Katie does my favourite ballet moves and she is very kind. When i do ballet I sometimes get a certificate and it makes me feel proud.' Iman Salem aged 7.

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'Miss Katie is an exceptional ballet teacher. Her enthusiasm and commitment to the children she teaches are obvious from the first time you meet her. We cannot recommend her enough and it is thanks to her that our daughter Ruby has progressed so well.' Avril and Nick Pettit, parents of Ruby.


I love Miss Katie's ballet lessons because they are really fun and you learn a lot. Miss Katie is the best ballet teacher ever! Ruby Pettit, aged 8.

'Not only is Katie a great teacher, she genuinely cares about the children in her class. She understands their individual needs and gets the best out of each and every one of them. We're going to miss her!' Sue Bruck, Mum of Daisy


I like Miss Katie's ballet lessons becuase she is a really kind teacher and an easy person to get along with.' Daisy Bruck aged 9.

'Ballet lessons with Miss Katie have really helped build Jennai's confidence and self-importance. She really enjoys her lessons and shows off what she has learned continuously at home! She has become so dedicated to ballet, that she never wants to miss any lessons, even when she's unwell. Exams have also taught her the importance of commitment to do well.' Mrs Saluosti, mum of Jennai.


'Miss Katie is very kind and teaches nicely and I enjoy her lessons a lot!' Jennai Salousti, aged 9.

'My daughter, Niamh, really enjoys the lessons with Katie. She is very thorough and careful to correct positions and movements but she makes the lessons fun. My daughter loves Katie and I've seen her develop into a lovely dancer under Katie's tutorage.' Esi Adams, mum of Niamh.


'I like Miss Katie's lessons because she helps me improve, she is really, really nice and she makes the lessons super fun!!! Niamh Adams, aged 11.

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