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KV Dance family private Facebook group


We have set up a private Facebook group for online classes. You can join the group now - fun games, activities and competitions are already on there, plenty to keep the students going over the next few weeks until proper classes start.


How to access the classes:

If you have a Facebook account, search for the new Facebook group 'KV Dance family private Facebook group for online classes'.


Once you've found us please request to join.


If you don't have a Facebook account we can email you links to YouTube videos of the classes. Thank you if you've let us know you'd prefer this, if you haven't please do let us know.


House keeping:

Before we go any further here's the sensible bits, please make sure that you have a suitable space to dance in (there is enough space, no obstacles in the way and the floor is appropriate) and that you have appropriate clothes/shoes to exercise. Adults please ensure you supervise children following the videos as you see fit; please note that Katie Ventress School of Dance is not liable for any injuries that may occur while your following the videos and you do so at your own risk. Also please do not share or copy any of the videos, these are the property of Katie Ventress School of Dance and Jazzy J's Dance Academy and a lot of work has gone in to making them for you.


Ok let's move on to the fun bit.

Once you are logged into Facebook you need to navigate to the group 'KV Dance family private group for online classes'. If you're struggling to find it use the search button and search for the page, but you can click on the link above. Request to join answering the question 'what's the name of your child/children?'.


Once accepted into the group find UNITS.


Once you find and open the 'Units' you will see a separate unit for the brackets of classes we teach. You will also find extra units at the end for non-class bits like games, fun activities, stories for the younger children and competitions. At the moment the only units with anything in are the fun ones at the end, the others will have theirs added from Mon 20th April (1 per class every week).


When we start to upload actual classes from the 20th April onwards they will be headed DAY-TIME-CLASS TITLE so hopefully easy to find.


What is there my child can be doing now?

We have a choreography competition running over Easter! This is for all children aged 4 and up and will be judged in age categories so we'd like to see entries from all age groups - including teenagers/seniors! See unit 18 in the Facebook group for all the information, what prizes are up for grabs and how to enter!


We also have a drawing/colouring competition for anyone to enter (including siblings!), this will be an ongoing competition and a winner will be chosen for age categories every week. All prizes will be given when we're back at dancing.



Please remember this is a work in progress and we will try our best to help if there are any issues, please either email us or send a message to the Katie Ventress School of Dance Facebook Messenger (not directly to the teachers). We will do our best to offer IT support if it's needed but bear in mind we are dance teachers and not IT experts and some of us are also looking after kids at home and we might not be able to get back to you as soon as we would do under more normal circumstances.

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