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Show Dates 2023 and 2024

Dance School News

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Xmas show.jpg

A Christmas Wish 2023

A Christmas Wish 2023 - Sunday 10th December, Archbishop Holgate School

All profits will go to the local charity SNAPPY


Times TBC but will be day time (not evening) - please save the whole day for now and I'll get exact times to you ASAP next term


If your child will attend any of the following classes next term they'll take part in the Christmas show:


-Melody Movement on Tues or Weds mornings


-Pre-Primary Ballet on Monday 4.15-4.45, Thursday 4.15-4.45, or Saturday either 9-9.30 or 10-10.30


-Pre/Primary Tap - Monday 4.45-5.15


-Pre-Primary Modern - Thursday 4.45-5.15 or Saturday 9.30-10


-Primary Musical Theatre - Wednesday 4.15-5 or Saturday 10.30-11.15


-Intermediate Tap (Thursday 8.15-9.15), Modern and Ballet (Friday evening classes)

Ten Years in the Spotlight!

Sat 17th/Sun 18th Feb 2024, Archbishop Holgate School

February 2024 half term

Tech run: Sunday 11th February (will be needed a few hours, times TBC)


Dress rehearsal: Friday 16th Feb 1-5pm


Shows: Saturday 17th Feb 11am and 3pm, Sun 18th Feb 3pm


If your child will attend any of the following classes next term (or if they move up in Jan 2024) they'll take part in the February show:


-All Primary Ballet and Modern classes (not tap, they will do our Christmas show instead)


-All Junior and Senior Musical Theatre classes (Wednesdays 5.30-6.15, 7.45-8.30 and Saturdays in the Pilates Studio 11.15-12, 12-12.45 and 12.45-1.30)


-All students in Level or Grade 1 and above in their dance genre (this is almost everyone in the dance school aged 6 and above, except a few Musical Theatre students who are happy to stay in their Primary class in which case they'll do the Christmas show instead)


- Intermediate students will be involved in both shows


-A few students aged 6 may be lucky enough to be involved in both shows if classes suit! 

We will start to put together the choreography and costume requirements soon so if you know your child is unable to take part please let us know ASAP.


Your child will still be fully involved in the classes and we will adapt the dance with the performance in mind.

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