Covid 19 - UPDATES


In line with Government policy relating to Covid 19 policies please find below the risk assessments for Katie Ventress School of Dance. Click on links to open:



So how do things look at the moment in terms of dance classes re-starting...?


Dance studios have been allowed to re-open in England with safety precautions in place from 25th July. This is brilliant news but isn't as simple as it seems! It is venue dependant. So if your child's classes take place at the Raylor Centre - I know I can put these required safety precautions in place so classes (with a difference) can re-start there from September. I also have confirmation from Reflexions Pilates studio and Tang Hall Community Centre that they will be re-opening over the Summer Holidays so they're happy to hire the hall to us in September - all good news. The RI however have furloughed all their staff and they're still closed. I have been told they're having a trustee meeting in August about how they can safely re-open as a multi purpose building, so I do hope good news will come shortly after that. If the worst comes to the worst and we are not allowed to hire the hall there in September - I do have a back up for Monday evenings and I am working on a plan B for Tuesday classes.



What required safety procedures do dance studios need to put in place to re-open...?


I have a good idea of what the guidelines will be for September but they may release new advice before we reach next term so I cannot say exactly what these will be. However current guidelines for dance studios re-opening on 25th July are:


In short...


Class sizes may be limited depending on the size of the room to allow for social distancing (they certainly will be for August). I may be limited to 9 students plus a teacher and teaching assistant at the Raylor Centre. The classes at Reflexions Pilates may be halved for the same reason. The other halls we use are bigger however, under current guidelines the largest class size we are allowed to teach is 15.


We will be cleaning all 'high contact' surfaces as soon as possible after they're touched and any props used from the cupboard will be completely cleaned before anyone else touches them.


We will be asking students to wear dance shoes to all classes. Either ballet shoes or 'split sole' jazz shoes are fine for modern theatre dance, contemporary and musical theatre. No bare feet or outdoor shoes in the studio.


The floor and barres will be marked to aid social distancing.


Classes may have to be up to 5 minutes shorter to allow us time to clean (you may be asked to collect them 5 min early) however the 30 minute classes will only be a couple of minutes shorter as we have an assistant who can help


Group singing indoors is not allowed under current guidelines. So Musical Theatre classes may be drama/dances to songs from Musicals until we're allowed to sing again.


I will be putting all the required procedures in place at the Raylor Centre to re-open for the Holiday Fun Days in August and for the Grade 6 and Vocational classes that have been arranged with Mollie and Laura. Should they change again before September - I will be keeping up to date with what needs doing and changing things ASAP. I am working on a new Health and Safety policy and risk assessment specifically related to preventing the spread of Covid 19 and those will be  public documents published on our website for you all to view. I will send you a link when they're complete and uploaded.



What will be the biggest change in returning to classes in September...?


If current guidelines apply - the class sizes in the smaller studios we use (Raylor Centre and Reflexions) will have to be reduced. This means students may not be able to come to class every week as many classes have more than 9 (if your child's class has less than 9 it should be fine in the main studio). In Reflexions all classes may be halved. I may have to invite the students on specific dates (every other week for example) to allow every student to return in September. I would only take this half a term at a time as guidelines could change again by the October half term. Fingers crossed we can go back to larger class sizes after that but no-one knows. This also means we would only invoice for classes for the first half of term to begin with.


The waiting areas inside all venues have to be closed for parents. You are asked to drop off the children outside (the teacher will come to the outside door to collect them and bring them back out again at the end of their class). So you would have to wait in your cars/pop to the shop/for a coffee. We would ask you arrive on your class time (no more than a few minutes earlier) and socially distance outside when waiting.


Pre-school Melody Bear classes - different guidelines will apply to you and when I have them I will be in touch with you all personally.



Things to consider if you want the children to return to dancing in September...


(These are likely scenarios but not yet confirmed)


Are you happy leaving your child with their teacher and waiting in your car? (waiting room may be closed - for classes in Pre-Primary and above) Remember all your mobile phone numbers are on the registers and teachers would ring immediately you if the children needed you.


Are you happy to arrive only a few minutes before your class time?


Are you happy buying your child a pair of ballet or 'split sole' jazz shoes if they usually dance in bare feet? (I may be able to help with this as I have a lot of good quality second hand shoes at the studio)


Are you happy to bring your child ready with their uniform on under a simple layer of clothes? (You may not be able to use the waiting rooms in venues as a changing room)


If your child attends Musical Theatre classes are they happy doing drama/dance to songs from musical until we are allowed to sing again?


If your child shows any symptoms of Covid 19 they would not be allowed in class/you would be rung and asked to collect them immediately.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.  We will continue to keep you updated with any information/changes as we are made aware of them.